Sunglasses – Call it Spring
Jumpsuit – Forever21
Purse – GUESS
Flats – Call it Spring

DownTown Lisbon


Trending In The World Of Shoes


Lace ups, fringes and tassels. Are you tired of seeing those? I never thought I would say this since I am a huge fringe and lace up lover. But from seeing the same styles so much I am kind of getting tired. Every shoe store carries lace ups now, fringe details and tassels. They are cute but it’s too much everywhere now.


My gladiator heels are unavailable but I will link up at the bottom where you can find very similar ones. Styles come and go. I have this gladiator heel for two years. The trend was in back then now it’s back and when I say back I mean is truly here. Never get rid of your old trends because just like this shoes trends always come back.
Since we are in the topic of shoes I wanted to share my favorite shoe stores for sure. I like Steve Madden, Zara shoes, Aldo and Christian Louboutin. The websites I usually purchase my shoes are: www.shoedazzle.com www.amazon.com www.justfab.com
Shoes are my favorite thing to buy. Shoes and jeans it’s hard for me to go to the mall and not purchase those two things.
Fuchsia fringe heel – Steve Madden
Lace up gladiator –  Zara
Lace up black fringe heel – Steve Madden but you can find similar through VICI