Outfit of the Day
Hat – Urban Planet
Poncho – (Gift)
Belt – H&M
Jeans – Calvin Klein
Ankle Boots – Steve Madden

This was my first time in Ottawa. Although I have been in Canada for over eleven years I have never visited the capital. This was an amazing weekend. The thing with short getaways is the limited time I have to see the city. I was able to see some touristic points and downtown Ottawa. Since I am a huge city girl I can’t miss what the center of the city has to offer.
The main purpose of my getaway was to go to the Embassy of Angola to take care of some documentation. As I mentioned on my “About” page I was born in Luanda, Angola. I needed to go to the embassy because my Angolan passport is expired. Having a dual citizenship I like to be on top of things and make sure my documentation is up to date.

Downtown Ottawa

Embassy of Angola, Ottawa 

My food suggestion if you are in Ottawa for any seafood lover check out:

The Fish Market Restaurant
54 York Street, Ottawa, ON


Amazing Find in the Men’s Department

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018. I had no resolutions for this year at all. If things continued to be like last year I would be happy. As long as I am healthy I am content. But as soon as 2018 started many things happened already that forced me to created a resolution. 2018 will be a financial discipline year for me. I have to be more careful on how  I spend my money, savings and so forth.

Today I want to talk to you about my amazing find in the men’s department at H&M. I always had a curiosity to explore the men’s section in stores. At times they sell things that appear to be unisex, trending pieces that women can also wear, items that seem to be more durable and cheaper than women’ clothes.

With the oversize hype going on in the fashion industry more women are shopping in the men’s department to get the perfect oversized look since at times our “oversize” clothing is not big enough to perfectly fit the trend.

In terms of durability I feel that men’s wear don’t tear as quickly or shrink as fast as women’s wear. While shopping at H&M I came across a good sale of men’s button-up shirts. Since you cannot have too many button-up shirts I couldn’t leave this clothing item behind. The quality of this shirt is awesome I feel that it will last me a very long time. The dress shirts for women were $20 so finding this one for only $7 in the men’s department was a good deal.
Shirt – H&M Men’s
Jeans – Hollister
Heels – Zara
Sunglasses – Call It Spring
Non prescription glasses – Icing
Lip-gloss – Victoria Secret (Similar)

Tips for women when shopping in the men’s department/stores:
1– Be open minded
Don’t think that just because is men’s wear it won’t look good on you
2– Try on the item
Since men’s sizes are usually bigger than women’s make sure you always try the item
3– Reflect your style in the garment…
If you don’t want to look boyish put a spin into the garment by adding some very feminine pieces to go with it. For example: pretty accessories like earrings or necklaces, heels and purses.

Thanks for reading.


I have promised my readers more posts from Lisbon. But since I have been back home for a while I wanted to give my readers a break from my Portugal trip and updated you all on some of the things I have been doing lately.
I enjoy discovering new places in the summer, and today was no different. Lavelle is a luxurious restaurant, with a lounge area, pool and an outdoor bar roof top. Sitting 16 stories high Lavelle has one of the best views of the escarpments and the famous CN Tower due to the great location. What do I like about this place? Well first of all I enjoy patient and friendly service. The workers really make an effort in giving customers the full Lavelle experience by being very informative and suiting your needs specially regarding reservations.
Taste some of the most refined cosine by famous chef Romain Avril and don’t forget to make reservations way ahead in advance because this place is always packed specially in the summer. Come picture ready and don’t forget to take that Instagram perfect shot.

For more information pleased check out Lavelle’s website at http://chezlavelle.com/


The Hype Of Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet

Avenida Euro 2004, 2890-154
Alcochete, Portugal

I know its hard to believe but shopping is the least of my concerns when travelling. There are only two places so far that I go crazy for shopping: US and Canada.
If I end up going shopping while on vacation I end up going to a very hyped mall or an outlet in that region usually highly recommended by other tourists and locals. So that’s how I ended up in Freeport Outlet.
If I buy something while I am away it has to be something special that I would have a hard time finding in Canada.
Although many people told me about Freeport and the great shopping experience I just couldn’t feel the same. I spent most of the time sitting down because I was tired of the long walks due to the structure of the outlet.
I ended up leaving with a full belly since lunch ended up being at a very delicious restaurant in the food court.
Perhaps I went at a time that didn’t have a lot of the latest fashion I tend to gravitate towards. If you are visiting Portugal and end in this area check out the Freeport Outlet to have your own opinion of this hyped outlet.

Sunglasses – Mendocino
Top – Zara
Pants – Guess
Flats – Winners
Purse – Guess


2017 Canadian International Auto Show

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front Street West
Toronto, ON










Unfortunately this year the “Do Not Touch” signs were more present. I had the feeling that last year people could go inside of more cars, get the feeling that you own it and get a picture taken.


Walking away from these prices like…


This year’s show was from Friday, February 17 until Sunday, February 26. Although the convection center was strictly focused on the car show, many people wonder what more is there to do in the building?
After the car show, me and my amazing partners in crime decided to go for dinner at the Azure Restaurant inside of the Inter Continental Toronto Center hotel also locate inside of the same building. What an amazing meal we all had!
The hotel is very clean, luxurious, unique design and topped up with excellent service.

Azure Restaurant
Pappardelle with Duck Ragout Pasta
(I give it 5 stars on this dish)



What a great event and a delicious meal does to me!!!


Single-button Jersey Jacket
Jeans – Calvin Klein
BodySuit – Lasenza
Pumps – Zara
Purse – Zara
Body Chain – Aldo
Anklets – Aldo

When in Doubt, Wear Black!


Have you been to Copacabana Steak House? One of the things I find bloggers to have in common besides the fashion aspect of course is the passion for food. Most bloggers don’t just post fashion or beauty related items on the social media. A lot of times they post food and also vacations.
Well Copacabana is an amazing Brazilian Steak House Rodizio style. It’s all you can eat steak!!! It’s amazing. This place reminds me of the time I was in Brazil. The food and the samba dancers really give a little taste of Brazil and its culture. Please check out the restaurant’s website http://www.thecopa.ca/home
img_1901 img_1883 img_1894 img_1889 img_1887
Jumpsuit : Dynamite
Heels: Zara
Purse: Call It Spring
Watch: Michael Kors

Drake and Future Summer Sixteen Tour – TORONTO

img_3343There had been some confusion after Drake had announced that he was forced to cancel the final few concerts of his Summer Sixteen Tour. The news broke a few days before this show, and social media went crazy as some fans expressed their disappointment. Fans thought Drake would not show up for the two last concretes in Toronto, but it was only the Sunday concert that was cancelled. Although Drake had an ankle injury he still gave his best on Saturday.  Toronto showed Drake a lot of love and sang along the artist’s biggest hits.


img_3326 img_3323 img_3302For weeks I had been planning this outfit. I wanted to give my readers a different look this time so I went for the #StreetStyle look. The scarf/turban I believe  made the outfit stand out. Being an African decedent, tying wraps is something I learned to do when I was very young.

 The Jumpsuit is an example that it is okay to repeat outfits as long as you can style different each time. If you all recall I wore this overall on the Chicago Experience – Art Day Post. We don’t need to buy clothes all the time. Timeless pieces are essential for wearing multiple times.
I hope you all enjoy this look and the pictures. Tag me on Instagram on your creative outfits I want to see what you all been rocking with.
img_3289 img_3288 img_3155
img_3076 img_3088 Denim jacket- Dynamite
Jumpsuit – Bluenotes
Top- Zara
Shoes – Zara
Wrap or Scarf – (Borrowed from mom’s closet no idea where it’s from)
Clutch- Zara

The Statement Blazer


As you all already know I love a simple, chic and modest look incorporated with a few statement pieces. That’s the idea of today’s post. I tend to wear a lot of neutral shades so sometimes I need a little touch of colour. This blazer makes me a bit confused. Yes I said confused! Only because in different lights this blazer appears to be a different colour each time. I will try to explain: Sometimes it looks more olive green, or khaki green and sometimes I feel like it’s more navigating towards a light brown. I feel colour blind when I have to determined the colour of this beautiful blazer from H&M. Either way I love the statement it makes paired with my simple stripe top and my white skinny jeans.

IMG_5991 IMG_5988

Talking about prints…ok I have to confess I don’t have a lot of prints! I am trying to incorporate more prints in my wardrobe. Plus the blog is called Zani’s Styles so my intention is to keep this blog very versatile. So stay tuned I have a post coming up specifically on prints.

IMG_5926 IMG_5967 IMG_5907 IMG_5906

Blazer – H&M
Top – Zara
Jeans – Hollister
Strap Sandals  Forever 21
Clutch – Forever 21
Sunglasses – Mendocino
Jewellery – Garage
Watch – Shoppers Drug Mart
Lipstick – Kat Von D