Summer Fun: The Taste of Danforth


I styled my jumpsuit to be more relaxed for the taste of Danforth. I appreciate outfits that I can dress up or down. The Taste of Danforth is a Greek festival that happens annually in Toronto. Greek food at its finest! Other nationalities bring their cultural food to showcase at this massive street food festival as well. Besides the main focus which is delicious foods, the taste of Danforth also has rides for young ones, live shows for all ages, contests, free things, Greek music and much more. So keep in mind of this festival and be part of thousands of people that come and enjoy this amazing festival.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures I shared while at the Taste of Danforth. I am in love with this jumpsuit from Forever21. Although not available anymore I still provided the link for the Forever21 website where similar jumpsuits can be found. This jumpsuit is so comfortable. Since I am a high heel kind of girl, I like how long this jumpsuit is because I can wear it with flats or heels. I have to be honest I was disappointed when I put this jumpsuit in the dryer. It shrank 20%. So I recommend not to put it in the dryer, just air dry it. But thanks to Google and all the DIY people share, I hope all the methods I saw on how to stretch clothes will make my jumpsuit look good again. 

IMG_0783 IMG_0806 IMG_0851IMG_0817 IMG_0845IMG_0716 IMG_0764 IMG_0784
Shoes – Aldo
Jumpsuit – Forever21
Mini Clutch – Victoria Secret
Jewellery – Suzy Cheer

Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are super comfortable! Especially in very high temperatures. Although maxi dresses are long usually they tend to breath well even in extreme heat. The fabrics for maxi dresses are usually very soft and at times even stretchy. I didn’t know that this colour was called Muave and I could never describe this colour at all.



I bought my dress at Forever21 size small. I tend to alter a lot of my clothes because the smallest size sometimes is big too big on me because of my very petite frame which a lot of times can be a pain. I had to make the waist of this dress a lot tighter and also made the cris-cross strings a lot tighter as well. Whiteout revealing the price lets just say that I paid more then half of what I bought the dress for in alterations, but that’s me when I find a really great piece that I love. I don’t mind fixing it up to be even more perfect. I called a number of stores in my area asking if this dress came in size X-Small and I was told that none of the stores I was calling had extra small. I like this dress so much. I am happy to be sharing with you specially since it’s still available at Forever21 website.

IMG_8691 IMG_8688


Heels: Zara
Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Lipstick: Rebel by Mac

Quality vs Price Tag


So for the longest time I kept looking for this jacket from Zara. Every time I wanted the jacket it was sold out. So now it’s back in stores and I just couldn’t pass it this time. The dilemma was the price vs quality. The same jacket came in faux leather and real genuine leather. The faux leather is $89 and the real one is $199. I kept thinking do I get the fake one since it’s cheaper or the real one although a bit much but will last me a long time?

IMG_8228 IMG_8205 IMG_8199

Well if you know me well already I LOVE  a good quality piece (I had to stress out the word love by writing in capital letters). Sometimes I just have to close my eyes and get the item with good quality. I would prefer to buy something a little more expensive if I know that it will be durable and I can wear a lot of times.



Leather Jacket – Zara
Leather Jacket –
White Plain T Shirt – Zara
Jeans: H&M
Heels: Call it Spring
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets/ Forever 21
Sunglasses: Mendocino