IN THE JUNGLE. Summer 2018 Series

Hello everyone,

Well for many people summer is the season for long hikes in trails. Although I do enjoy going for walks; this day I was inspired to photoshoot insisted. Something about the “jungle” excites me, and my animalistic creative side comes out. I hope you enjoy this unconventional post here on the blog since I haven’t done anything like this before.

T-shirt: (Market at AfroFest)
Jeans: Michael Kors
Jacket: Guess
Jacket Pins: Indigo
Jewelry: H&M
Heels: Aldo
Backpack: Guess
Belt: H&M




As I have mentioned in the past I am trying to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe. Usually I don’t wear a lot of prints, but when I do I tend to gravitate towards African prints. Thanks to my lovely relatives and friends in Africa for all the things they send me from the Mother Land. They constantly send me pretty things. I like paring this long vest with a plain LBD (Little Black Dress) underneath to balance out the print. Also went for a simple black heel. By the way this vest can also be worn as a dress. So notice the tip here ladies? Be strategic. Always know which item you want to be the stand out piece. Balance and simplicity goes a long way.

IMG_6123 IMG_6117 IMG_6089  IMG_6076 IMG_6049 IMG_6044IMG_6039IMG_6082

African Print Vest and Necklace- Unavailable
Little Black Dress – H&M
Heels – Forever21
Clutch – Shoppers Drug Mart