A Throwback To Lisbon

A Throwback to Lisbon

Dress – Forever21
Sandals – Call It Spring
Purse – Guess
Belem, Lisbon

Jeronimos Monastery
Praca do Imperio 1400-206
Lisbon, Porugal

Padrao dos Descobrimentos
Av. Brasilia, 1400-038
Lisboa, Portugal

Padrao dos Descobrimentos
Av. Brasilia, 1400-038
Lisboa, Portugal
Belem Tower
Av. Brasilia, 1400-038
Lisbon, Portugal

Jacket – Zara
Top – Dynamite
Leather Pants – Danier Leather


Amazing Find in the Men’s Department

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018. I had no resolutions for this year at all. If things continued to be like last year I would be happy. As long as I am healthy I am content. But as soon as 2018 started many things happened already that forced me to created a resolution. 2018 will be a financial discipline year for me. I have to be more careful on how  I spend my money, savings and so forth.

Today I want to talk to you about my amazing find in the men’s department at H&M. I always had a curiosity to explore the men’s section in stores. At times they sell things that appear to be unisex, trending pieces that women can also wear, items that seem to be more durable and cheaper than women’ clothes.

With the oversize hype going on in the fashion industry more women are shopping in the men’s department to get the perfect oversized look since at times our “oversize” clothing is not big enough to perfectly fit the trend.

In terms of durability I feel that men’s wear don’t tear as quickly or shrink as fast as women’s wear. While shopping at H&M I came across a good sale of men’s button-up shirts. Since you cannot have too many button-up shirts I couldn’t leave this clothing item behind. The quality of this shirt is awesome I feel that it will last me a very long time. The dress shirts for women were $20 so finding this one for only $7 in the men’s department was a good deal.
Shirt – H&M Men’s
Jeans – Hollister
Heels – Zara
Sunglasses – Call It Spring
Non prescription glasses – Icing
Lip-gloss – Victoria Secret (Similar)

Tips for women when shopping in the men’s department/stores:
1– Be open minded
Don’t think that just because is men’s wear it won’t look good on you
2– Try on the item
Since men’s sizes are usually bigger than women’s make sure you always try the item
3– Reflect your style in the garment…
If you don’t want to look boyish put a spin into the garment by adding some very feminine pieces to go with it. For example: pretty accessories like earrings or necklaces, heels and purses.

Thanks for reading.

Cascais – Lisbon, Portugal

Within approximately 31km away from Lisbon you will find this old and new style homes municipal called Cascais. A very prestigious area full of beautiful historical sculptures, amazing restaurants, shops, the Cascais Shopping and of course the breath taking Cascais beach.
A lot of the rich and famous live in Cascais. Many influential people in  Portugal prefer this quiet area to live and relax, over downtown Lisbon.
Portugal’s constructions are a mix of modern and ancient infrastructures. The beautiful colors of Cascais are very captivating for locals and even more for tourists because at times gives you the sense of being in an older historic town with a modern twist.
Although my main reason to come to Portugal was for the gastronomy, I was too busy eating and forgot to document majority of the food. My next post I will talk about the amazing places I have eaten at and some more site seeing I did while I was there.

Hotel Baia
Avenida Maginal, 2754-509, Cascais, Portugal

The Eatery at the Baia Hotel

The Restaurant inside Baia Hotel

Cascais Beach

What am I wearing ?|
Opening image main photo bathing suit from Victoria Secret, Jacket – Zara, Top – Garage, Leggings – Forever 21, Running shoes – Nike


The Hype Of Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet

Avenida Euro 2004, 2890-154
Alcochete, Portugal

I know its hard to believe but shopping is the least of my concerns when travelling. There are only two places so far that I go crazy for shopping: US and Canada.
If I end up going shopping while on vacation I end up going to a very hyped mall or an outlet in that region usually highly recommended by other tourists and locals. So that’s how I ended up in Freeport Outlet.
If I buy something while I am away it has to be something special that I would have a hard time finding in Canada.
Although many people told me about Freeport and the great shopping experience I just couldn’t feel the same. I spent most of the time sitting down because I was tired of the long walks due to the structure of the outlet.
I ended up leaving with a full belly since lunch ended up being at a very delicious restaurant in the food court.
Perhaps I went at a time that didn’t have a lot of the latest fashion I tend to gravitate towards. If you are visiting Portugal and end in this area check out the Freeport Outlet to have your own opinion of this hyped outlet.

Sunglasses – Mendocino
Top – Zara
Pants – Guess
Flats – Winners
Purse – Guess


Slip Dress Over T-shirt Trend

Slip Dress A.k.a Cami Dress – H&M
Fitted T-shirt – Garage
High Heel Sandals – ZARA
Purse – H&M
Bracelets – Aldo


Slip Dress a.k.a Cami Dress over T-shirt Trend
Where have you been if you haven’t seen this trend? Fashion is all inspired by “night wear” lately. Just when we thought that slip or cami dresses were just for bed, designers were inspired to bring this fabric from the comfort of wearing at home to the streets.

This trend was very present in the 90s and now is back. You can be versatile with it by wearing it with not just high heels, but also with runners or even flat sandals. The slip dress is a very comfortable item to wear because of its fabric. It is nice and soft. But the down part is that this fabric gets wrinkly very fast. So you will need to iron it before wearing it, and as you sit down throughout the day this material tends to get even wrinkled.

I would say that when I saw this trend I wasn’t in love with it because I was seeing celebrities wearing it with t-shirts that weren’t fitted. I wouldn’t wear this loose dress with a loose t-shirt underneath. That is why I paired it with a more fitted t-shirt.

Remember to always put your spin on things you don’t need to stick so much with the trend.



Snow is for strong people!







Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are super comfortable! Especially in very high temperatures. Although maxi dresses are long usually they tend to breath well even in extreme heat. The fabrics for maxi dresses are usually very soft and at times even stretchy. I didn’t know that this colour was called Muave and I could never describe this colour at all.



I bought my dress at Forever21 size small. I tend to alter a lot of my clothes because the smallest size sometimes is big too big on me because of my very petite frame which a lot of times can be a pain. I had to make the waist of this dress a lot tighter and also made the cris-cross strings a lot tighter as well. Whiteout revealing the price lets just say that I paid more then half of what I bought the dress for in alterations, but that’s me when I find a really great piece that I love. I don’t mind fixing it up to be even more perfect. I called a number of stores in my area asking if this dress came in size X-Small and I was told that none of the stores I was calling had extra small. I like this dress so much. I am happy to be sharing with you specially since it’s still available at Forever21 website.

IMG_8691 IMG_8688


Heels: Zara
Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Lipstick: Rebel by Mac

Trending In The World Of Shoes


Lace ups, fringes and tassels. Are you tired of seeing those? I never thought I would say this since I am a huge fringe and lace up lover. But from seeing the same styles so much I am kind of getting tired. Every shoe store carries lace ups now, fringe details and tassels. They are cute but it’s too much everywhere now.


My gladiator heels are unavailable but I will link up at the bottom where you can find very similar ones. Styles come and go. I have this gladiator heel for two years. The trend was in back then now it’s back and when I say back I mean is truly here. Never get rid of your old trends because just like this shoes trends always come back.
Since we are in the topic of shoes I wanted to share my favorite shoe stores for sure. I like Steve Madden, Zara shoes, Aldo and Christian Louboutin. The websites I usually purchase my shoes are: www.shoedazzle.com www.amazon.com www.justfab.com
Shoes are my favorite thing to buy. Shoes and jeans it’s hard for me to go to the mall and not purchase those two things.
Fuchsia fringe heel – Steve Madden
Lace up gladiator –  Zara
Lace up black fringe heel – Steve Madden but you can find similar through VICI

Spring Practicality

IMG_7429 I have been away from blogging for a while now. Sorry everyone I have been very busy with my work (unrelated to fashion). Most bloggers I know have created their blog a source of income.

 I wish I could do that as we’ll but at this time in my life I can’t. My credit cards would be crying on me lol.
Many people are asking me “when are you doing the next post”? Even a guy asked me. This made me happy because even men are noticing my blog that is strictly tailored for women’s fashion.
IMG_7453 IMG_7454
My Instagram is growing so much since I have it for less than a year. Daily, I receive direct messages of people either commenting or asking me things about fashion I think this is amazing.

IMG_7447 IMG_7445

For ages I have been looking for long vests like the one I have on the pictures. Sorry but I don’t know exactly what they are called even after doing research I still don’t know the name so I am calling it – long vest.
I believe they were more in style last year. It was difficult for me to find this vest because sometimes I get caught on trends when they are not so trendy anymore.

I like the colour of this vest because it can be very versatile. I can wear it in the fall, spring and summer. Can be thrown over a fitted dress, jeans or anything. I incorporated this look with my old favourite white jeans from Hollister (still available). I hope you enjoy the look lets keep this spring very practical by incorporating pieces that can be worn all year round.

Just wanted to shout out everyone that has been a support in this fashion adventure. I thank you all for the comments, questions, likes and emails.
IMG_7423 IMG_7419 IMG_7412
Long Vest: H&M (Available)
Jeans: Hollister (Available)
White long sleeve top: Denise (Available)
Chunky sandals: Le Chateau (Available)
Belt: H&M
Earrings: Garage Clothing
Bracelet: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo