Jet Set Black. 2017 Recap

 Fedora Hat – Winners
Viscose Shirt – H&M
Leather Trousers – H&M (similar)
Jacket – (unavailable VS Catalogue)
Pumps – Zara
Necklace – Ardene

The American dictionary has different meanings for the term Jet Set. When I refer to Jet Set Black I am talking about a full monochromatic black look. 2017 has been a year for monochromatic looks. It was my favorite trend this year and I believe we will continue to see this trend in 2018.
My jet set black look is how I like to dress for fashion events. I like to show that black doesn’t need to be boring. The hat on this look adds a little drama to the attire making it fun and more sophisticated.
2017 has been a great year for me as I mentioned in my previous post I was able make it to all the trips I had planned and I enjoyed them tremendously.
I want to thank all of my supporters for the inspiring messages that continue to keep me more motivated to continue to pursue my passion for fashion.
Stay tuned for my next post…



1380 Sherbrooke Street West

I had another opportunity to visit Montreal this weekend, and this time I can share with you all my experience. Every time I visit a big city I like learning more about the place. One of the ways I do that is by visiting popular spots. On Friday, most of my day was spent at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
I saw spectacular exhibitions but nothing was more breathtaking to me than the Jean Paul Gaultier Love is Love exhibition displaying haute couture wedding dresses inspired by different ethnicities. How obvious that my favorite exhibition has to do with fashion! In a museum full of art fashion was my highlight. Well fashion is also another form art… If you are in downtown Montreal don’t miss this exhibition before it’s gone.


More art at the museum…

The Art in Downtown Montreal
Jumsuit – H&M
Purse – Aldo
Heels – Steve Madden



2017 Canadian International Auto Show

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front Street West
Toronto, ON










Unfortunately this year the “Do Not Touch” signs were more present. I had the feeling that last year people could go inside of more cars, get the feeling that you own it and get a picture taken.


Walking away from these prices like…


This year’s show was from Friday, February 17 until Sunday, February 26. Although the convection center was strictly focused on the car show, many people wonder what more is there to do in the building?
After the car show, me and my amazing partners in crime decided to go for dinner at the Azure Restaurant inside of the Inter Continental Toronto Center hotel also locate inside of the same building. What an amazing meal we all had!
The hotel is very clean, luxurious, unique design and topped up with excellent service.

Azure Restaurant
Pappardelle with Duck Ragout Pasta
(I give it 5 stars on this dish)



What a great event and a delicious meal does to me!!!


Single-button Jersey Jacket
Jeans – Calvin Klein
BodySuit – Lasenza
Pumps – Zara
Purse – Zara
Body Chain – Aldo
Anklets – Aldo



Lets talk Work Wear! When it comes to work wear, I am a firm believer in making the work attire as personalized as possible. I say this because many times I see people in dress pants and dressy bottom up shirts and they don’t look like they are having fun with it.

Fashion needs to be fun. If you work in the office, at a bank or another administration sector try to find out first the proper work attire. In many places for example, wearing this Calvin Klein t-shirt is not acceptable due to the fact that many businesses don’t want advertisements logos/brands from other companies advertised when they are not affiliated. Whereas in some companies bringing out your personality through your attire is seen as something very cool as long as you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Perhaps what you can do different in this look is adding a blazer or even a leather jacket (without too many embellishments of course)  and you are set for the office. I took the approach of wearing my jacket that can be worn indoors without giving a heavy feel. I tend to wear my coats unbuttoned to appear to be  oversize since is very trendy now.


Work Wear attire doesn’t need to age you. Always try to incorporate fun and elegant looks at your place of work because it tells a lot about yourself.

I am not a restaurant manager, this look was shot during happy hour at an amazing restaurant which I have provided the link at the bottom and

Jackson Landing









T-Shirt – Calvin Klein
Grey Jacket – H&M
Black Pants – H&M
Heels – Similar
Purse – H&M



When in Doubt, Wear Black!


Have you been to Copacabana Steak House? One of the things I find bloggers to have in common besides the fashion aspect of course is the passion for food. Most bloggers don’t just post fashion or beauty related items on the social media. A lot of times they post food and also vacations.
Well Copacabana is an amazing Brazilian Steak House Rodizio style. It’s all you can eat steak!!! It’s amazing. This place reminds me of the time I was in Brazil. The food and the samba dancers really give a little taste of Brazil and its culture. Please check out the restaurant’s website
img_1901 img_1883 img_1894 img_1889 img_1887
Jumpsuit : Dynamite
Heels: Zara
Purse: Call It Spring
Watch: Michael Kors

Summer Fun: Beer Festival


Hello fashionable people!
Many of my friends who know me know that I don’t drink alcohol and have been asking me “What are you doing at Beer Fest if you are not going to try all of the different flavors of beer?”
I’ll give you all a bit of information about me. I am the kind of person that rarely says “Why?” I usually say “Why Not?” Plus I took some cool beer photos!
To me the experience of attending a festival like this is best with great company. I love trying new things and I wanted to have an idea on how the Beer Fest works. With a variety of food trucks there, a foodie like me is on an amazing adventure to taste everything possible.
 Beer Fest is a festival that happens in Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls and other cities in Ontario. I attended the one in Niagara Falls this year. My crowd thought the beers tasted fantastic. The food trucks were delicious as well. I’m not into drinking, but If you are a beer lover, then I believe you should try checking out Beer Fest in the summer.
img_1133 img_1122 img_1116 img_1096 img_1092 img_1032 img_1030
African Wrap: Can be used as a head wrap or a dress tied in the back.  Unavailable (Gifted)
Wedges: Aldo
Bracelets: Forever
Earrings:  Aldo
Purse: Michael Kors

Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are super comfortable! Especially in very high temperatures. Although maxi dresses are long usually they tend to breath well even in extreme heat. The fabrics for maxi dresses are usually very soft and at times even stretchy. I didn’t know that this colour was called Muave and I could never describe this colour at all.



I bought my dress at Forever21 size small. I tend to alter a lot of my clothes because the smallest size sometimes is big too big on me because of my very petite frame which a lot of times can be a pain. I had to make the waist of this dress a lot tighter and also made the cris-cross strings a lot tighter as well. Whiteout revealing the price lets just say that I paid more then half of what I bought the dress for in alterations, but that’s me when I find a really great piece that I love. I don’t mind fixing it up to be even more perfect. I called a number of stores in my area asking if this dress came in size X-Small and I was told that none of the stores I was calling had extra small. I like this dress so much. I am happy to be sharing with you specially since it’s still available at Forever21 website.

IMG_8691 IMG_8688


Heels: Zara
Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Lipstick: Rebel by Mac

Trending In The World Of Shoes


Lace ups, fringes and tassels. Are you tired of seeing those? I never thought I would say this since I am a huge fringe and lace up lover. But from seeing the same styles so much I am kind of getting tired. Every shoe store carries lace ups now, fringe details and tassels. They are cute but it’s too much everywhere now.


My gladiator heels are unavailable but I will link up at the bottom where you can find very similar ones. Styles come and go. I have this gladiator heel for two years. The trend was in back then now it’s back and when I say back I mean is truly here. Never get rid of your old trends because just like this shoes trends always come back.
Since we are in the topic of shoes I wanted to share my favorite shoe stores for sure. I like Steve Madden, Zara shoes, Aldo and Christian Louboutin. The websites I usually purchase my shoes are:
Shoes are my favorite thing to buy. Shoes and jeans it’s hard for me to go to the mall and not purchase those two things.
Fuchsia fringe heel – Steve Madden
Lace up gladiator –  Zara
Lace up black fringe heel – Steve Madden but you can find similar through VICI



I believe that at times we all match our outfits down to a Tee! I have this GUESS purse for a while now with the purpose of finding an outfit that would go perfect with it… I felt like matching everything today. I have been in love with nude and brown tones for some reason. So instead of buying a new outfit I realized that I had outfits in my closet that I could use.
At times I will purchase an accessory and build my outfit around that. Most of the times I build my look around shoes and bags. I am always looking for ways to be creative with my outfits.
IMG_4528 IMG_4540 IMG_4558 IMG_4559
Jacket – H&M
Jumper – Forever21
Jeans – Hollister
Heels – Steve Madden
Belt – H&M
Purse – GUESS
Rings – Forever21