Cascais – Lisbon, Portugal

Within approximately 31km away from Lisbon you will find this old and new style homes municipal called Cascais. A very prestigious area full of beautiful historical sculptures, amazing restaurants, shops, the Cascais Shopping and of course the breath taking Cascais beach.
A lot of the rich and famous live in Cascais. Many influential people in  Portugal prefer this quiet area to live and relax, over downtown Lisbon.
Portugal’s constructions are a mix of modern and ancient infrastructures. The beautiful colors of Cascais are very captivating for locals and even more for tourists because at times gives you the sense of being in an older historic town with a modern twist.
Although my main reason to come to Portugal was for the gastronomy, I was too busy eating and forgot to document majority of the food. My next post I will talk about the amazing places I have eaten at and some more site seeing I did while I was there.

Hotel Baia
Avenida Maginal, 2754-509, Cascais, Portugal

The Eatery at the Baia Hotel

The Restaurant inside Baia Hotel

Cascais Beach

What am I wearing ?|
Opening image main photo bathing suit from Victoria Secret, Jacket – Zara, Top – Garage, Leggings – Forever 21, Running shoes – Nike



Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are super comfortable! Especially in very high temperatures. Although maxi dresses are long usually they tend to breath well even in extreme heat. The fabrics for maxi dresses are usually very soft and at times even stretchy. I didn’t know that this colour was called Muave and I could never describe this colour at all.



I bought my dress at Forever21 size small. I tend to alter a lot of my clothes because the smallest size sometimes is big too big on me because of my very petite frame which a lot of times can be a pain. I had to make the waist of this dress a lot tighter and also made the cris-cross strings a lot tighter as well. Whiteout revealing the price lets just say that I paid more then half of what I bought the dress for in alterations, but that’s me when I find a really great piece that I love. I don’t mind fixing it up to be even more perfect. I called a number of stores in my area asking if this dress came in size X-Small and I was told that none of the stores I was calling had extra small. I like this dress so much. I am happy to be sharing with you specially since it’s still available at Forever21 website.

IMG_8691 IMG_8688


Heels: Zara
Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Lipstick: Rebel by Mac

The Knit Sweater

So it’s really cold right now! Time to get those super warm clothes out. I am not the type of person that would buy or wear a lot of knit sweaters, but in this cold weather a warm sweater is a must have!
Stay warm Fashionistas!

IMG_4579 IMG_4586 IMG_4602 IMG_4628

Sweater: Forever21
Leather leggings: Danier Leather (those pants are my favourite)
Shoes: (sold out) please find similar styles at Fashion Nova website