HELICOPTER TOUR. Summer Series 2018

Summers for me are filled with a lot of new experiences. Although I have been in a helicopter before; to see the famous Niagara Falls from above; this time I wanted to see Toronto from the skies.
I live forty minutes away from Toronto and majority of my summers I spend exploring new things I haven’t done in the city.

Jumpsuit – Guess
Heels – Steve Madden
Purse – Dynamite
Earrings – Laura
Bracelet – Forever21

Shall we talk more about the heli tour? Well what can I say?! From excitement, to being scared, and then feeling a super high adrenaline filled with a feeling of accomplishment. Yeah that sums up my day. Having my tour in a much smaller helicopter made my experience a little scary. But I had a lot of fun seeing Toronto from above. I will never forget this experience.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
2 Eireann Quay

Please note that pictures in front of the helicopter or on the runaway are not allowed in many airports so please ask before booking your helicopter tour.




Lets talk Work Wear! When it comes to work wear, I am a firm believer in making the work attire as personalized as possible. I say this because many times I see people in dress pants and dressy bottom up shirts and they don’t look like they are having fun with it.

Fashion needs to be fun. If you work in the office, at a bank or another administration sector try to find out first the proper work attire. In many places for example, wearing this Calvin Klein t-shirt is not acceptable due to the fact that many businesses don’t want advertisements logos/brands from other companies advertised when they are not affiliated. Whereas in some companies bringing out your personality through your attire is seen as something very cool as long as you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Perhaps what you can do different in this look is adding a blazer or even a leather jacket (without too many embellishments of course)  and you are set for the office. I took the approach of wearing my jacket that can be worn indoors without giving a heavy feel. I tend to wear my coats unbuttoned to appear to be  oversize since is very trendy now.


Work Wear attire doesn’t need to age you. Always try to incorporate fun and elegant looks at your place of work because it tells a lot about yourself.

I am not a restaurant manager, this look was shot during happy hour at an amazing restaurant which I have provided the link at the bottom and

Jackson Landing









T-Shirt – Calvin Klein
Grey Jacket – H&M
Black Pants – H&M
Heels – Similar
Purse – H&M



Recap – A Year Into Blogging


Exactly around this time last year I was having thoughts of creating a blog. Before I had any knowledge of things like web design or domain names, I decided to come up with the name Zani’s Styles. With lots of research, some investment, and the help of someone with more understanding; Zani’s Styles was launched.
For someone that had literally no social media when I started, taking control of this blog was a whole new experience! When I was coming up with ideas for my blog, I wanted another social media where I could advertise Zani’s Styles as well. So I decided to join the Instagram world. I am having a lot of fun with having a website and being able to share my fashion. It has been a learning experience knowing how to insert pictures and learning about the different templates WordPress has to offer. But having a blog hasn’t always been easy, there are some struggles… (To be continued on next post: Toronto Centre Island – Recap Cont. )
Dress: Sirens
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet: H&M
Sunglasses: Zara
Purse: Aldo
Flat Sandals: Aldo
Lipstick by Vasanti Cosmetics colour name – Zimbabwe




I believe that at times we all match our outfits down to a Tee! I have this GUESS purse for a while now with the purpose of finding an outfit that would go perfect with it… I felt like matching everything today. I have been in love with nude and brown tones for some reason. So instead of buying a new outfit I realized that I had outfits in my closet that I could use.
At times I will purchase an accessory and build my outfit around that. Most of the times I build my look around shoes and bags. I am always looking for ways to be creative with my outfits.
IMG_4528 IMG_4540 IMG_4558 IMG_4559
Jacket – H&M
Jumper – Forever21
Jeans – Hollister
Heels – Steve Madden
Belt – H&M
Purse – GUESS
Rings – Forever21

A Cold Day


Today was -15 degrees when I decided to shoot for this look. It was really cold but the sun always inspires me to do more and take pictures. My rule is when the lighting is good, that’s when pictures come out looking the greatest. So I decided to be even more crazy than usual by taking photos when it was literally -15 degrees. Enjoy the look!

IMG_4217 - Copy IMG_4261 - Copy IMG_4275 - Copy IMG_4276 - Copy IMG_4288 - Copy IMG_4333 - Copy

Vest – Guess
White long sleeve Shirt – Urban planet
Jeans – Michael Kors
Boots – Guess (I like this boots so much because as you guys can see in the pictures I can either fold it up or down.
Clutch – Shoppers Drug Mart
Rings – Forever 21
Bracelets – Aeropostale
Lipstick – Mac / Rebel
Hat – Forever21

The Knit Sweater

So it’s really cold right now! Time to get those super warm clothes out. I am not the type of person that would buy or wear a lot of knit sweaters, but in this cold weather a warm sweater is a must have!
Stay warm Fashionistas!

IMG_4579 IMG_4586 IMG_4602 IMG_4628

Sweater: Forever21
Leather leggings: Danier Leather (those pants are my favourite)
Shoes: (sold out) please find similar styles at Fashion Nova website http://www.fashionnova.com/collections/shoes