African Couture Part 2

Dress: Custom made
Coconut bag: Gifted
Earrings: H&M
Bracelets: H&M
Lipstick: Mac
Heels: Zara

Since last year my African Couture was very popular I waned to make another post wearing an African dress around the same time that I posted last year. As I mentioned before I don’t wear a lot of prints, but when I do I prefer African prints.
Unfortunately you cannot find this dress anywhere. My aunt sent me the fabric from Angola  and I took it to my tailor to make this dress for me. I had a vision of how I wanted the dress to look and I was very happy with the results. Mytailor exceeded my expectations so much that with the leftover fabric I asked him to make a blazer. I hope it turns out to be a really nice blazer I will keep you guys updated on how it goes.
Thanks for reading.




Knit Hood Pullover – Forever 21
Sienna Curvy Skinny Jeans – Guess Factory
Boots – Guess
Scarf – Garage Clothing
Crossbody Bag – Calvin Klein


A Cold Day


Today was -15 degrees when I decided to shoot for this look. It was really cold but the sun always inspires me to do more and take pictures. My rule is when the lighting is good, that’s when pictures come out looking the greatest. So I decided to be even more crazy than usual by taking photos when it was literally -15 degrees. Enjoy the look!

IMG_4217 - Copy IMG_4261 - Copy IMG_4275 - Copy IMG_4276 - Copy IMG_4288 - Copy IMG_4333 - Copy

Vest – Guess
White long sleeve Shirt – Urban planet
Jeans – Michael Kors
Boots – Guess (I like this boots so much because as you guys can see in the pictures I can either fold it up or down.
Clutch – Shoppers Drug Mart
Rings – Forever 21
Bracelets – Aeropostale
Lipstick – Mac / Rebel
Hat – Forever21