90’s Inspired

Graphic T-shirt – Zara
Track Pants – Winners
Boots – Steve Madden
Beret Hat – Winners
Sunglasses – Call It Spring
Jacket – H&M

I call this look 90’s Inspired because it reminds me of how in style track pants were in the 90’s. I like how the trend at the moment is to wear track pants with high heel shoes or even high heel ankle boots. By pairing track pants with heels it gives a more feminine look to the outfit.
This style of pants can also be paired with another trendy hot item right now which is the ankle sock boot. As I mention before, I a try not to overlap trends together in just one look. This is the reason why I chose this simple ankle boot instead of the ankle sock boot which is an item that I feel could come out of style very soon.

Lets talk about beret hats for winter which I believe is a must have. Besides the fact that they are super stylish they can also be very warm. On bad hair days or low temperature days a beret hat can make your day and transform your look. Beret hats are all over Instagram worn by some of my favorite bloggers. It is amazing to see the many different ways beret hats can be worn.

Track Pants in the World of Fashion


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