Sunglasses – Mendocino
Maxi Vest – Guess
Dress – Dynamite
High Heels – Call it Spring
Clutch – Calvin Klein


Hello Fashionistas!

At this point I believe you have all enjoyed your #BlackFriday if you are into it. Also perhaps now you getting into the expectation of the #BoxingDay. I am not a huge fan of shopping on those super busy shopping days because I tend to find that most things in my size are usually  sold out. But since the ladies at the Guess store already know me due to the fact that I shop there so often, they were kind enough to make a hold on this maxi vest the night before Black Friday so when I went to purchase the vest it was still available. So this was my Black Friday shopping, and two jackets that I will be making a post with them later on towards the end of winter.

Now lets talk Monochromatic Fashion; What is a monochromatic look? In simple words it is when you wear the same colour top to bottom which is now a huge trend in the fashion world.


I am into the monochromatic looks but usually with colours that I am comfortable with. For example I wouldn’t wear a monochromatic orange look or yellow because those are colours I am not confident wearing top to bottom. I love a white or black monochromatic look.






A lot of you ask me where I wear my looks so I will try my best to mention where I wore certain looks at . This one I wore to an event at the amazing Royal Ontario Museum – ROM.







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