Drake and Future Summer Sixteen Tour – TORONTO

img_3343There had been some confusion after Drake had announced that he was forced to cancel the final few concerts of his Summer Sixteen Tour. The news broke a few days before this show, and social media went crazy as some fans expressed their disappointment. Fans thought Drake would not show up for the two last concretes in Toronto, but it was only the Sunday concert that was cancelled. Although Drake had an ankle injury he still gave his best on Saturday.  Toronto showed Drake a lot of love and sang along the artist’s biggest hits.


img_3326 img_3323 img_3302For weeks I had been planning this outfit. I wanted to give my readers a different look this time so I went for the #StreetStyle look. The scarf/turban I believe  made the outfit stand out. Being an African decedent, tying wraps is something I learned to do when I was very young.

 The Jumpsuit is an example that it is okay to repeat outfits as long as you can style different each time. If you all recall I wore this overall on the Chicago Experience – Art Day Post. We don’t need to buy clothes all the time. Timeless pieces are essential for wearing multiple times.
I hope you all enjoy this look and the pictures. Tag me on Instagram on your creative outfits I want to see what you all been rocking with.
img_3289 img_3288 img_3155
img_3076 img_3088 Denim jacket- Dynamite
Jumpsuit – Bluenotes
Top- Zara
Shoes – Zara
Wrap or Scarf – (Borrowed from mom’s closet no idea where it’s from)
Clutch- Zara

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