Toronto Center Island – 1 Year Blog Recap Cont.


So this past year has been a learning experience for me in the blog world. But I am having a lot of fun. I think what makes this enjoyable is the fact that I always had a vision for fashion. As a young girl I always had an eye for fashion. I was constantly distracted by pretty things specially shoes and clothes. So for me expressing and showcasing my fashion is something that I love to do. But it hasn’t been always easy. At times I still struggle with having a content. I am trying to have at least one post every other week. I get so busy with other things in my life that I run out of time. #BloggingIsNotMyFullTimeJob. I also try my best to keep my theme which is maintaining my modesty through my clothing. I don’t want to go against my moral values and decency. So I want to continue to show women how they can incorporate new and sometimes old trends and still look classy.

I can’t believe it has been a year already. Zani’s Styles will continue to bring fashion looks, vacations and more. Thank you for all the supporters, the Instagram followers, all your likes either on the Instagram page or here thank you so much. Thank you for ur comments I am sorry if at times I can’t get to all the emails but thank you so much once again.
IMG_0016 IMG_9956
Can we talk about the look now ?
Maxi dresses are so comfortable and easy to wear in the summer. That’s why I chose this look for a long relaxing day at Toronto island. Have you been to any if the islands in Toronto? For many Torontarians,  Toronto islands are the perfect spot to visit after a long work week. Leaving close to Toronto I like to relax by the lake it’s a nice atmosphere. Usually there are festivals mostly at the Center Island, there are restaurants with a great view of the Lake, beautiful parks, adventures rides and many more.  So don’t forget to visit this amazing place. The fairy ride will take ur breath away as you see the escarpments of the city.
IMG_9962  IMG_9946
Maxi Dress – Sirens
Flat Sandals – Call it Spring
Necklace – H&M
Purse – Aldo

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