Trending In The World Of Shoes


Lace ups, fringes and tassels. Are you tired of seeing those? I never thought I would say this since I am a huge fringe and lace up lover. But from seeing the same styles so much I am kind of getting tired. Every shoe store carries lace ups now, fringe details and tassels. They are cute but it’s too much everywhere now.


My gladiator heels are unavailable but I will link up at the bottom where you can find very similar ones. Styles come and go. I have this gladiator heel for two years. The trend was in back then now it’s back and when I say back I mean is truly here. Never get rid of your old trends because just like this shoes trends always come back.
Since we are in the topic of shoes I wanted to share my favorite shoe stores for sure. I like Steve Madden, Zara shoes, Aldo and Christian Louboutin. The websites I usually purchase my shoes are:
Shoes are my favorite thing to buy. Shoes and jeans it’s hard for me to go to the mall and not purchase those two things.
Fuchsia fringe heel – Steve Madden
Lace up gladiator –  Zara
Lace up black fringe heel – Steve Madden but you can find similar through VICI

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