World MasterCard Fashion Week – Toronto – Camel on Camel


The World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto is finally here! There is no better way to get more inspired with fashion than attending shows at fashion week. So far this has been a wonderful week. I love Toronto’s fashion because it gives me the opportunity to support our local designers.

This fall, just to name a few trends that we are seeing are; over-sized jackets, fringes weather in clothes, shoes or accessories, fringes are everywhere. In terms of colours we are seeing a lot of burgundy, camel/tan and browns.
It’s only fall but seeing all the fashion spring collections for next year makes me want to speed and fast forward the time for spring already.
Showcasing in the spring collections for 2016 I am noticing a lot of whites, seems like it will be a nice bright spring, I am seeing a lot of blues as well. In terms of hair something that really stood out was seeing how the models at the Mikhael Kale show had their hair. The models had their hair slicked back into a low bun and they put a liquid paint over top. Each model had a different bright colour hair which brought fun to the runway.
Toronto is on point with the fashion. I wanted to wear something fashion forward. My outfit was inspired by the Kanye West collection at NYC Fashion Week. The camel/tan colour is really in right now. Instead of doing a full tan colour from top to bottom like Kanye displayed at NYC fashion week, I decided to wear a bright colour shoe. Although wearing nudes from top to bottom is really in right now.
I hope you guys liked the look. More update on fashion week coming up on my next post.
Jacket – H&M
Shirt Dress – H&M
Clutch – Express

Pumps – Steve Madden
Dear ring – Forever 21


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